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Vocabulary Building Week 1: Vocabulary Building

Word Families, Collocation, Idioms, and Phrasal Verbs

Grammar Essentials Week 2: Grammar Essentials

Verb Tenses, Sentence Structure, Common Mistakes

Pronunciation Practice Week 3: Pronunciation Practice

Sounds of English, Stress and Intonation, Common Challenges for Swiss Learners

Listening Skills Week 4: Listening Skills

Techniques for Improving Listening, Challenges in Understanding Spoken English, Podcasts and Audiobooks

English for Social Situations Week 5: English for Social Situations

Casual Conversations and Small Talk, Expressing Opinions and Feelings, Humor and Sarcasm, and Connecting with Others

Practice and Immersion Week 6: Practice and Immersion

Speaking Practice Methods, Tips for Individual Self-Study, Alternative Methods for Learning

English for Business Week 7: English for Business

Business Vocabulary, Common Business Idioms, Email Etiquette, Presentation Skills

English for Travel Week 8: English for Travel

Travel Vocabulary, Practical Conversations, Clarifying and Confirming Information, Cultural Tips

English for Academic Purposes Week 9: English for Academic Purposes

Academic Vocabulary, Essay Writing, Presentation Skills, Exam Preparation

Recap, next steps and FREE class Week 10: Recap, next steps and Bonus*

Recap of the main points, Plan of Action, FREE 60-min English Speaking Practice with an English Native Tutor (optional)

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